Mobile and web solution for municipal garbage collection

This is version 2.0 of my mobile and web solution for municipal garbage collection. The idea is the following: There is the municipal garbage collection vehicle with a supervisor on it. All garbage items that can not be collected either because of their size or type (e.g. office desk, mattresses, bulky items) are marked on the map, without having to type their address.

At the end of the garbage collection procedure, the number of items marked by the supervisors is shown on the internet.The municipal office which is responsible for garbage collection can select the garbage type and send a special vehicle to collect them according to the best route given from the web map. The solution also provides a reporting tool based on dates and item properties.

After the collection of the special items, these can be removed from the map.

So far, three municipalities have shown great interest for the solution and ready to sign a contract.

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