Initial Website Requirements

Here are some very initial Website Requirements that a developer and the website owner must take into account to kick off.

  • Metatags (Decide suitable key words for Search Engines to attract potential visitors).
  • Ooops I am lost. Web Site should have Sitemap.
  • Where is the Search area!!!
  • Web Site should include a Copyright statement.
  • Web Site should at least have an English version.
  • Hey, its not bad to socialize a bit, fb, t, linkedin etc.
  • What is the Moto for your Company? Who is your target group?
  • Discuss about Web Hosting plans and Web Site Statistics.
  • Every Page should have a distinct Title.
  • How about Backlinks and links to other websites?
  • Web site must be submitted in Popular Search Engines and similar content Portals.
  • Test the site in popular internet browsers and mobile devices.
  • Ooops Favicon image is missing!
  • Keep in touch with visitors. Think of Newsletters – Mass email marketing
  • Have Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Create a QR Code.


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  1. I agree with most of them. In order to have mass email marketing you need to have mass users first, no? And secondly they must give their consent to have their name into the distribution list.

    This might take long time to achieve and to mature…
    Just a thought

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