Flash VS JavaScript

There has been lots of discussion lately about JavaScript and Flash. In this article I want to give some of the distinct advantages of both.

JavaScript Advantages:

  • Open Web Standard (Allows you view source).
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • There is no need to download an external application or plugin.
  • No dependency on an external vendor.
  • Easy code maintenance.
  • Ready to use libraries (jQuery and MooTools).

Flash Advantages:

  • Works fine when streamimg Videos or Music.
  • Is a better solution when creating effects that can’t be created using open web standards.
  • Is recommended when creating complex animation (3D Capabilities).
  • Has a Built-In User Interface.
  • Better for Multimedia creation.

I’d love to hear your opinion and share your thoughts about this article…

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  1. comparing the two indeed seems not necessary. However, comparing Action Script vs Javascript will be perhaps be interesting.
    First of all ActionScript 3 and JavaScript are both defined in ECMA-262 so they have a lot in common. Both languages feature prototype inheritance for instance.

    AS3 differences to JavaScript:
    •Dynamically and statically typed code
    •Packages, Classes and Interfaces
    •Standard OO inheritance model
    •Type-safe conditional compilation
    •Vector. datatype

    to name a few

    The key difference however is the standard library.

    I personally prefer the combination of actionscript with flash, but it might depend also on the type of web content that needs to be created

  2. They are both needed. When using both then the strong sides of each your web site what it is; attractive, eye-catching and easy to use.

  3. both are needed 🙂
    each one used where more appropriate.

    for example, if you will plan to do the following, then use Javascript:
    Slide Shows
    Form Validation
    Dropdown Menus
    Tabbed Panels
    Popups & Tooltips
    Expandable/Collapsible Elements

    if you plan to do the following, then use Flash:
    Video/Audio Player
    Complex Animation
    Complex Multimedia

    so there is no need to choose 🙂 use both to gain from each one’s advantages and strong sides.

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