Facebook page or Website?

facebook_vs_pageMore and more companies nowadays tend to use Facebook as a means of creating an online presence and promote their business than creating a website. This is a result of the global recession and the dissemination of social media, which provide such services for FREE! But is it the best solution when it comes to create an online presence and promote your business?

Here are some findings and useful piece of information someone has to go through when considering online presence and its benefits and costs.


Stand-alone Website

Some of the many benefits of a stand-alone website are given in this section:

Unlimited possibilities for the amount and type of information you provide and the overall feel you want to portray. You can give your website the layout you want, using a CMS you can switch to another template instantly and benefit from all the available open source tools and applications on the web like e-commerce etc.

SEO related issues. SEO likes websites and websites are SEO friendly. You can apply search engine optimization techniques on a website using a domain name and website.

With SEO comes also Marketing! You can increase your visibility when being listed on popular search engines and transfer your potential visitors and finally your customers to your website.

Facebook Page

Facebook has evolved over the years and now provides such services as page creation which is similar to a website, allowing for a great deal of customization using a number of tools. Some companies either go directly for a Facebook page or redirect their website to the Facebook page.

There are some advantages of this strategy, like the following ones: (more…)

Poor techniques for Backlink Strategies

Backlinking Mistakes

Just like Drink Responsibly holds for Drinking, the same holds for Backlinking! Be cautious when submitting your website. Here are some tips and strategies to avoid when promoting your website:

  • Do not use white color when submitting your website in other white background websites, just to cheat the owner of the other website you may have access to; Google does not like that kind of backlinks.
  • Avoid submitting to directories that don’t review submissions and let anyone in.
  • Avoid submitting to directories that have several Google ads disguised to look like their own content above the other links.
  • Don’t submit to sites that aren’t relevant to the focus of your site.
  • Avoid pages with links inside of frames (this will steal your traffic).
  • Don’t submit to blog networks and limit blog rolls.
  • Don’t submit to article networks (they post your article to multiple sites).
  • Don’t let anyone link to you from every page of their website (sitewide links).
  • Check if backlinks have a noFollow attribute.
  • Avoid Linking to sites with bad reputation.
  • Check if the submitted link is a broken one.
  • Avoid (Spammy) Blog Commenting