Windows Live Messenger to be discontinued

Skype Beats MSN

Microsoft has finally decided to close the Windows Live Messenger service on March 15th 2013. From that date onwards, users will no longer be able to use it and will have to switch to Skype. The company, according to the BBC, sent an e-mail to service users, encouraging them to become familiar with Skype, which Microsoft acquired in October 2011, prior to shut down date. Last November, the company had already made known its intention to stop the service Windows Live Messenger, without specifying an exact date.


msn does it the skype way

To facilitate the transition of users to Skype, Microsoft has added an upgrade icon on your desktop Messenger, which, if clicked, removes Messenger and installs Skype on your computer. Until March 15th 2013, Messenger will work properly. This instant messaging service was launched as MSN Messenger in 1999, and later renamed to Windows Live Messenger. It is estimated that was used from about 300 million users each month across the world. China is the only country in the world where the Messenger will continue to operate after March 15 due to a special agreement between Microsoft and the Chinese government.

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